November 9th, 2017 | Moscow
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WHD.moscow 2016

Currently, 71.3% of the Russian population actively access the internet. This translates into more than 102 million users, and that figure is consistently growing in double digits each year. And as their economy grows, so does the demand for online purchasing and business services. Simply stated, Russia is coming on strong and presents a significant, rapidly expanding market for hosting and cloud services.


Moscow continues to be the political and technological center of Russia. It serves as the location of choice to most of the international companies doing business in Russia today. Moscow is the key point of entry and access to Russia’s rapidly expanding market.


Moscow plays a key role in Russia's economy and technology infrastructure across a city of more than 12 million people—more than London and Paris combined. This amazing city is also home to hundreds of software companies, has a large national hosting presence, and maintains a thriving technology startup infrastructure.


Moscow is the perfect focus for WHD. Hundreds of technology companies are based in this thriving metropolis. Moscow is even home to the massive Skolkovo Innovation Center with nearly 1,200 technology startups from 49 regions across Russia. And Ernst & Young ranked Moscow as #5 in technology VC spending.

Holiday Inn – Moscow / Sokolniki

Rusakovskaya ul., building 24, Moscow, 107014, Russia

The Holiday Inn Sokolniki Hotel is a modern, 25-story hotel conveniently located near central Moscow just outside "Third Ring Road" and directly across from the Sokolniki Metro Station. With a first-class conference center and compete amenities, this is the perfect location for WHD.moscow 2016.

How to Get Here

Holiday Inn Moscow - Sokolniki Hotel is located at Rusakovskaya ul., building 24, Moscow,
approximately 34 kilometers from Sheremetyevo International Airport.

By Metro

Convenient Metro bus and bus/train routes run from the airport to the Sokolniki Station directly across from the hotel. If you ride the Moscow Metro, take a moment to notice the art and architecture. Moscow is famous for the ornate designs of some of the stations. You can find a map of the Metro routes here.

By Car

Exit Sheremetyevo Airport onto Mezhdunarodoye sh. for 1.3 km. Then transition onto E105 - Leningradskoye Hwy South toward Moscow for 31 km. At “Third Ring Road” (ul. Novaya Bashilovka / ulitsa Sushchevskiy Val) turn left and continue for 2 km as the road wraps around to the right. At Rusakovskaya ul., turn left. The hotel will come up quickly on the right.

By Taxi

Sheremetyevo International Airport has official taxi operators from Terminals B, C, and F. The standard fare from the airport to the hotel is about RU ₽1600 (about US $26.00 or €23,00). It is common to tip drivers about 10%. Note that although some taxi companies accept American Express, generally, credit cards are not used. More info is available at the airport information website.

Who is attending?

Martin Gromov


Andrey Listopad

Business Development DirectorCARAVAN

Peter Chayanov

Servers & clouds & HPChostkey.com

Ivan Pavlov

Head of Customer Service (legal persons).masterhost

Alexander Demidov

Coordinator InfrastructureBitrix

Nikolay Fokin


Alexander Boykov



(Subject to Change)

November 30

Time Topic
10:00 amAdmittance and Registration
11:15 am Welcome Speech
11:25 am
Key Domain, Hosting and SSL Certificate Market Trends

Andrey Kuzmichev, Chief Product Officer, RU-Center

• Domain Name Industry FIgures and Facts
• The State of Hosting in Russia
• SSL Certificate Market Dynamics

11:45 am
How to Take Advantage of Massive Growth in Demand for Hybrid Cloud Data Protection Services

Georgy Gomenyuk, Senior Technical Specialist for Service Providers, Acronis Cloud

Hosters, Service and Cloud Providers are always looking for easy ways to grow cloud service revenues. This presentation will focus on the market drivers, the business case, and the technology that make Acronis cloud solutions a very attractive offering that Hosters, Service and Cloud Providers can quickly bring to market with little to no startup costs. Walk away from this session with real plans to grow your business faster.

12:05 pm
The revolutionary changes in the SSL industry in 2017

Aleksei Ivanov, Founder and CEO, Leadertelecom

In his speech Aleksei Ivanov reports about SSL market trends, mentions about a special solution for hosting providers "Symantec Encryption Everywhere" and about partner program of LeaderTelecom. All of this can significantly increase the efficiency of the web hosting providers.

12:25 pm
Product strategy. The User factor

Igor Kuzmin, Head of Product Management, ISPsystem

Product development and its ongoing management is a comprehensive process which starts from the conception of an idea, matures to product release, and then cycles infinitely through the previous iterations of testing and putting forward hypothesis. The main factor in generating ideas is how in demand the product is by the end user. In order for software to be in high demand, it is required to adhere to a variety of demands, not limited to functionality it provides alone, but also to the user experience it offers.

User requirements are a vast paradigm, which encompasses such elements as functionality, problem solving for the user, including issues the user is not even aware of yet, user lifecycle and expectations, UI/UX, and user feedback.

In this presentation we will dive into some of the tendencies and best practices, and what are some of the trends we are witnessing in product development and management.

12:45 pm
GlobalSign solutions and partnership programs

Dmitry Ryzhikov, Director, GlobalSign

Dmitry will speak about Globalsign's presence and application range in Russia. He will also present GlobalSign Partner Program, describing advantages for hosting companies and resellers.

01:00 pmLunch
02:00 pm

Ekaterina Triandafilidi, Territory Manager, Russian Federation, Zextras

Zimbra Suite Plus: Add-on features to upgrade Zimbra Server Capabilities in Open Source or Network Edition
Zimbra Backup Plus: Leverages an innovative, real-time engine that backs up every item and event on a Zimbra server with split-second precision. Avoids data loss by using atomic and ever-consistent algorithms, while saving disk space due to an intelligent de-duplication and compression system.
Zimbra Admin Plus: Provides Zimbra administrators the ability to delegate rights on a dedicated server, so the delegated administrator can perform user management tasks, such as setting quotas, modifying COS variables and setting user limits for domains. Zimbra Admin Plus greatly simplifies the management of complex, multi-tenant environments including managing Zimbra email clouds.

02:20 pm
Inhouse software development vs professional systems in hosting industry.

Konstantin Anisimov, CEO, Rusonyx

Pros and cons of two main approaches in hosting industry - to develop in-house system or use out of the box solution. Let’s compare.

02:35 pm
Cost-effective VPS and VDC services on top of commercial platform

Vladimir Porokhov, Senior System Engineer, Virtuozzo

02:50 pm
Virtual Private Servers. Customer Evolution and Major Market Trends

Artur Sarkisov, Sales Director, INOVENTICA

• How does VPS customer change
• How do companies adapt to this change
• Does customer evolution lead to change in companies’ product mix

03:10 pm

Filip Borcov, CEO, Site.pro

Filip will present a tutorial on how to create your own product that nobody has. Each hosting company can increase their sales easier, keep their customers and be unique. It doesn’t require developers, it doesn’t require designers, it costs less than your phone case.

03:30 pm
vCAN from VMware. Use a technology of leader for business-building public clouds

Sergey Vasilevich, Business Development Manager, Service-provider group, Softline

Mirian Nakashidze, Partner Business Manager, VMware

03:50 pm
Your local cloud S3

Dmitry Makushenko, Senior Project Manager, RCNTEC

4:00 pmNetworking Drinks



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15% discount on the booking of Marketing Opportunities 10% discount on the booking of Marketing Opportunities
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